Reverberation room

Hallraum 2
The heart of the acoustics laboratory are the specially constructed reverberation rooms separated from the building shell in which all of the acoustic measurements are taken. The room volumes are 175m³ and 265m³. The experiments are set up in the pre-chambers or in the actual reverberation room, depending on the measurement task. All of the reverberation room walls are reverberative and anti-parallel, meaning that the sound is distributed well throughout the room. In this diffuse sound field, identical sound pressure levels are measured at freely chosen measuring points, above a certain threshold frequency and within a standardised tolerance breadth. The sound pressure levels measured are converted into sound output values. These form the basis of the acoustic data in our product documents.

TROX USA installs largest U.S. manufactured chilled beam project


NGA New Campus East - Fort Belvoir, Virginia (USA)

This LEED® Gold certified National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency facility represents the largest installation of chilled beams manufactured solely in the U.S. New Campus East houses more than 4,000 TROX beams.

Photo by NGA/USACE




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