Type IDH


  • For installation in large height spaces
  • One or two-way air discharge
  • Adjustable discharge
  • High capacity for large halls
  • Top entry spigot for fresh air
  • Heat exchanger vertically mounted with condensate drip tray for low chilled water temperatures
  • Freely suspended installation

Induction diffusers of type IDH designed for large halls, suitable for removal of high room loads using water and air, comprising the casing with integrated pressure chamber and round air entry spigots. The primary air is discharged via discharge nozzles in the pressure chamber in such a manner that a partial vacuum is created in the casing. Due to the partial vacuum, induction air flows from the hall over one, or, depending on the version, two laterally arranged heat exchangers through which water flows. The induction air is cooled in the heat exchanger and mixed with the primary air in the casing.

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IDH Induction Diffusers Technical Information PI/2/20.1/EN/1 PDF / 158 KB 

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UC Davis Health & Wellness Center

The Student Health & Wellness Center at UC Davis houses a chilled beam system that reached the goal of sustainability while keeping the well-being and health of students a top priority.
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