F6 - HEPA terminal filter units

High efficiency terminal filters for highest requirements for air purity and hygiene.

High efficiency terminal filters are used as final filters in areas with the highest requirements for air purity and hygiene such as in the medical, biological and pharmaceutical industries as well as in other sensitive areas.
Both HEPA and ULPA filters can be used.
These filters can be combined with different ceiling diffusers from the TROX standard product range.

Type F620, F622, F624 Pharmaceutical clean room terminal filter units

  • For ceiling installation as final filter and for air distribution in sensitive areas in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Welded filter casing with seal on the downstream side for fixing of the minipleat filter panel
  • Diffuser face plate can be hinged down

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Type F631 HEPA filter modules

  • For ceiling installation in clean room technology
  • Casing with clamping mechanism for the HEPA filter
  • Individual casings can be combined into ceiling sections

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Type F640, F650, F654, F655, F656, F659, F660, F670 HEPA terminal filter units

  • For critical air purity and hygiene requirements
  • Used in medicine, biology, pharmaceuticals, and sensitive technical areas
  • Constructions with shut-off damper or volume flow controller

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