Underfloor Air Distribution

TROX Floor diffusers installed in raised access floors combine the advantages of mixed air flow with the advantages of displacement air flow.

TROX is the world leader in underfloor air distribution and, as such, understands and designs around the differences between pressurized floor cavity supply and the ducted delivery typically employed by overhead air distribution systems.

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TROX USA Underfloor Air Distribution Project References

You can now download our Underfloor Air Distribution brochure and take a look at TROX USA projects in the North American market.

Type BID

  • Rectangular floor grille in various configurations and materials
  • Low construction height
  • Project bespoke dimensions

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primary air:
4 – 40 l/s
14 – 144 m³/h

W: 1100 – 1849 mm
H: incl. Grille 201 – 234 mm
D: 404 mm

Cooling capacity up to 1030 W
Heating capacity up to 1225 W

Type FBA · FBK

  • These floor diffusers have been designed to withstand very heavy usage.
  • Can be used with and without a border unit.
  • Control of discharge characteristics and unit flow rate are available as accessories which fit into the dirt trap.

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5 – 50 l/s
20 – 180 m³/h
10 – 105 cfm

Ø 150 and 200 mm

Type FT

Fan Tile unit FT
TROX TMFT and FT series fan terminals are designed specifically for application in underfloor air distribution systems. Their low profile design allows their installation in finished floor installations as low as twelve (12) inches.
Their small footprint assures their fit within the access floor support structure and allows most maintenance to be performed by the removal of a single floor tile.

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Duct adaptors & exhaust registers now available with VFL

Accessories for Volume flow limiter Type VFL now available for square or rectangular ducting. The VFL is ideal for simple and quick on-site commissioning...
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Constitution Center - Washington, D.C. (USA)

With more than 7,000 TROX USA active chilled beams, air-water technology served as a key component to achieving both improved energy-efficiency and improved air quality in the building.
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