TROX products provide a great environment.
Wherever you are, whatever you do.

More than the sum of all parts

Technological leader on the market – TROX offers a complete programme of components and systems for centralised and decentralised ventilation and air conditioning technology. The extensive product spectrum ranges from horizontal air discharge to fire protection and regulation technology and though to filter equipment and replacement media.
TROX products are more than a sum of all parts, with each individual component and system complementing the next.
We put our competencies to use for the continuous optimisation of products, processes and services. And the results are clear. High quality, expert advice and the optimal solution for each and every case.

Energy savings

Save up to 50% in energy

Trox filters are designed so that they reduce pressure loss and thus save up to 50% in energy.
TROX Filter

Greater comfort

BID floor induction equipment

is an air-water system that guarantees a high degree of draught protection.
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The RETROFIT kits are ideal for refurbishing volume flow controllers. They are easily installed and put into operation.
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The right product for every requirement

You can choose from the diverse product range with its large amount of standard product variants, or decide on your own specific design. TROX offers the right component for every requirement.


Exciting solutions

At TROX you will always find the ideal solution. No matter what you do – you will always make the right choice. For TROX plays an integral part in the fit-out of buildings and offers custom-made, project-specific solutions.

Your most important advantages with TROX system technology are:
- the saving of energy
- less interfaces during planning and installation
- fewer investment costs
- greater flexibility in refurbishment work


Duct adaptors & exhaust registers now available with VFL

Accessories for Volume flow limiter Type VFL now available for square or rectangular ducting. The VFL is ideal for simple and quick on-site commissioning...
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Constitution Center - Washington, D.C. (USA)

With more than 7,000 TROX USA active chilled beams, air-water technology served as a key component to achieving both improved energy-efficiency and improved air quality in the building.
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