DID301-US-TZ & DID302-US-TZ Active Chilled Beams

for Armstrong® TechZoneTM Ceiling Systems

TROX Chilled Beams reconfigured to integrate into Armstrong® TechZoneTM Ceilings


TROX USA & Armstrong World Industries, Inc. — an innovative partnership

TROX USA has partnered with Armstrong World Industries, Inc. to combine two great technologies — the specially designed TROX DID301-US-TZ & 302-US-TZ series active chilled beams and Armstrong® TechZone™ Ceiling Systems.  The new line of TROX chilled beams have been reconfigured specifically to integrate into TechZone ceilings. By combining two innovative technologies, architects and engineers now have a visually appealing, custom design-look with the flexibility of a modular ceiling system.  The TechZone system eliminates the need for penetrations in the ceiling panels, making them more aesthetically pleasing and easier to install.


The TROX DID301-US-TZ (1-way discharge) and 302-US-TZ (2-way discharge) active chilled beam series are provided in two standard lengths, 8 ft and 4 ft, to integrate with Techzone. The 8 ft. beam also has an option that allows the ceiling grid T-bar to pass perpendicular across the beam face on its centerline allowing greater flexibility in laying out the ceiling support grid.


Special chilled beam features include three nozzle sizes to optimize induction; vertically mounted heat exchangers with condensate trays; a perforated induced air grille and circular side-inlet for the connection. There are two types of heat exchanger available, a two-pipe system for cooling and a four-pipe system for cooling and heating. 


Beams are provided with lockable sliding hanging brackets to allow alignment of beam and ceiling grid. Three border style options are available to coordinate the beam and T-Bar system and tile combination selected for a clean on-site installation.


For maintenance, the induction grille can be removed completely by releasing four bolts to gain access to the heat exchanger coils.  Lanyard wires attached to the induction grille provide additional safety. The DID301-US-TZ & DID302-US-TZ active chilled beams are also available in 3- to 10-foot lengths as a cost option.

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Installation Instructional Video

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Internal Zone Chilled Beam Layouts for TechZone Ceilings Chilled Beams Technical Information PDF / 853 KB 
Perimeter Zone Chilled Beam Layouts for TechZone Ceilings Chilled Beams Technical Information PDF / 1.4 MB 
DID301- DID302 series Active Chilled Beams Technical Leaflet 2/19/US/3 PDF / 1.1 MB 
DID301-DID302-US-TZ for Armstrong TechZone Ceilings Chilled Beams Installation and Maintenance Instruction PDF / 647 KB 
TechZone Ceiling Chilled Beam Installation Video Chilled Beams Installation and Maintenance Instruction WMV / 15.7 MB 

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